On Stage

Between 2.00 pm and 6.00 pm, a colourful programme with music, theatre and dance elements and many surprises, shows that self-help does not only consist of talking

Time On stage
2.00 pm Opener A
2.15 pm Welcoming
2.30 pm Tombola
2.40 pm Dogs and Dolls
3.00 pm Mutartlabor - Auftritt und MitmachAktion
3.30 pm GAY NOT GREY, kleine Showszene
3.40 Tombola
3.45 pm Choir - Bosnian Women´s Choir
4.15 pm Guttempler Theatre
4.30 pm Rhodina Aussiedler Choir - Selma Merker
4.40 pm Ueble Sinnesgruebler
5.00 pm Aphasia Choir
5.10 pm Die Psychiatrie verruecken als Ventil von Plan-B
5.20 pm Pitch band
6.00 pm Conclusion with Tombola