Questions and answers concerning the Self-help Festival Berlin 2016

The registrations for all groups, who actively want to participate in the festival are managed by SEKIS. In the rubric „ Participation“, you find an online form as well as a print version of the registration sheet.

Those coming as guests to the festival, naturally need no registration. Space enough should be there for sure....

Of course! Not only enabling parents to take their time exploring family topics of self-help. In the rubric „ Families“ you shall find offers that also invite our little festival- visitors to enjoy themselves.

Of course we are happy about any helping hand on the 9th of July.
Whether for the support of our big field activity, as friendly „ direction guides“ or in order to help people with impairments on the paths of the festival.
Currently we are trying to gain an overview of the respective need for support and then are happy to consider together with you, where you can and want to help.
Thank you for a short notice to Ruth Uzelino:

Tel.: 030 – 631 09 85

We are trying to regularly update the festival registrations on our website. Under the programme´s subtopics you find the registered groups listed in the specific area, in which they are involved.

On the premises of the festival a big info plan will show where to find which topic.

No. Neither the participation nor the visit of the festival costs money. That has kindly been taken care of by the National Health Services of the federal State of Berlin. We are very pleased!

Those, however, who put a few euros into their pockets for food at the colourful food stands, for sure can make a few culinary discoveries.

Pass on the word – because the best propaganda is by word of mouth. So that the 9th of July shall become a great event, spreading the idea of self-help into all parts of Berlin.

And should you have your own ideas of support, then feel welcome to contact us. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Der überwiegende Teil des Festivals findet auf glattem Asphalt statt. Zudem bereiten wir Helfer*innen darauf vor, Menschen auf dem Feld zu begleiten, wenn dies bei uns angemeldet wird. Nehmen Sie gerne Kontakt mit uns auf, um Ihre Situation und die damit verbundenen Fragen zu klären.